The Cicada arising in the summer,amazes the world as it sings

EOS, building blocks to the future

Own community

We own the purest, most pristine, most dynamic blockchain community in China. Members of the community are entirely from the influence of EOS WTZ's potential energy. With the the help of public Accounts, we insist on interacting well with community members and maintaining the vitality of the community.

Eco Incubation

We set up the special incubation fund and is committed to using the community influence and capital advantage of the blockchain industry to incubate applications based on EOS.

Communities corporation

One cicada’s singing can only reach within ten steps, but thousands of singing can spread miles away. We will strengthen cooperation with other EOS communities and assist them to develop&land in domestic and abroad markets.

About us

EOS WTZ is operated by WTZ Blockchain Academy, which is committed to building the most community-friendly blockchain knowledge platform in China. By sharing foundational blockchain knowledge and self-created contents, building interactive community, and incubating blockchain projects. Our goal is to build the most influential blockchain community in China, serving tens of thousands of people.

Established in November 2017, WTZ Blockchain Academy has gained high popularity on WeChat public account, Weibo, and many blockchain enthusiast forums. By March 31, 2018, we have more than 200,000 followers across all platform. Among them, there are more than 10,000 community members volunteered to support the development of the academy. They are consist of talents in diverse backgrounds, such as Cryptography, IT, media, marketing, finance, and consulting. With his strong charisma, the founder, Wang Tuan Zhang (WTZ), creates extraordinary contents and bonds fans to form the blockchain community. The creatively uses of phantom stocks allow us to bond community and explore to diversified business models, such as blockchain elementary knowledge, self-made tutorials, and translated contents, which consist a blockchain industry ecosystem.

Our vision and mission

1. To provide EOS basic knowledge, industry news and other comprehensive industry information through the self-media matrix, and to cultivate the most community-friendly EOS community.

2. Utilize self-owned funds to assist EOS ecological construction, incubate DAPP project, sponsor college students to attend technical competitions, and provide financial and technical support to EOS related projects.

3.Establish a "world-class EOS ecosystem platform". We hope to provide EOS devotee with an open platform for learning and communication. By incubating multiple sub-community opinion leaders and sub-community groups, EOS can grow and throughout the country.

4. EOS WTZ holds an independent position on financials and shareholding structure and therefore we are able to keep the independence as a block producer candidate without external investments or financial support. EOS WTZ is under independent operation by a team separated from any affiliated entities.

5. EOS WTZ will disclose its financial statements once elected as a block producer, which shall include its Shareholders, and actual controllers. At present, the ultimate shareholder of EOS WTZ is the operating company of WTZ Block Chain Academic, of whom the shareholders are the core members of the community, and other key natural persons of EOS WTZ community. The shareholding structure does not involve other consortia, enterprises, funds or any other block chain industry participants.

6. EOS WTZ opposes all actions against EOS values, including any form of pay-backs to voters (bribery vote). We promise that we will not take any form of vote buying during the campaign and will not pay any form of assets or economic benefits to the voting EOS holders. We promise that we will not sharing inflation rewards and/or paying dividends to EOS token holders after becoming a block producers.

We will take advantage of the strength of the our global team, join hands with a strong adviser team, and based on our existing community, devote our full passion and all resources to achieve our vision and goals. EOS WTZ fully supports terms and spirit of EOS constitution, making it the main goal of EOS WTZ as to contribute to the development of a health EOS eco-system. EOS WTZ strongly opposes all actions that are against the core values of EOS, including any forms of dividends (buying vote). We promise that we will not sharing inflation rewards and/or paying dividends to EOS token holders after becoming a block producer.

Our advantages

1. With the strong support of the community, EOS WTZ has emerged and became one of the largest blockchain community. Our communities include, 60,000 followers on WeChat Public ID, 40,000 WeChat friends, more than 30 WeChat 500 member chat group, and 40,000 people in the knowledge planet community. Relying on the online community platform (Web-side and App-side) of the WTZ Blockchain Academy, EOS WTZ creates its own media platform (including self-made tutorials, WTZ TV Station, and Beginner course) and also extends our community influence with broader channels.

2.In addition, EOS WTZ owns an incubation fund set up by the community's own funds. We have made preparation with community and capital, and we are committed to using the

community influence and capital advantage of the blockchain industry to incubate the DAPP projects based on EOS. The fund not only aim to support the DAPP projects, but also supports and sponsors college students to attend technical competitions (such as hacker marathons), and provide financial and technical support to EOS related projects.

3.EOS WTZ team has 8 core members and 25 operational members. Among them, technical personnel include early-comer technology members who participate in the development of ETH and EOS, and work on research and development of the blockchain infrastructure design, technology integration, and system optimization for public chain development. In addition, our technical team also includes network security with many years of experience in system security, network structure experts, system operation and maintenance engineers.

Core members

Yonghai Wang(Colonel)

The founder CEO and Chairman of the Board of EOS WTZ. The author of "WTZ Blockchain Diary", which is one of the largest self-media in China's blockchain industry. Its influence has affected millions of blockchain enthusiasts in China. He is the founder of "WTZ Blockchain Academy" and the founder of Xiaotuan Technology co. LTD. The early participants of digital currency, advocates of EOS in China, the chief commander and strategic decision maker of EOS WTZ.

Yejing Wang(Alice)

Legal Director and founding member; graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a Master of Laws degree and was a senior lawyer of Sidley Austin, Jun He and Han Kun Law Firm, providing legal services for overseas listing, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, real estate and PE/VC, and domestic and foreign funds. Responsible for EOS WTZ's community operations, external investment and financing, fund operations, and legal compliance.

Xingqiang Lin(Feiyang)

Operation Director and founding member; over 12 years of management experience in tech firm; the founder of several IT service firms. With more than 4 years' experience in Blockchain industry, he has deep understanding of the development and future of Blockchain. Xingqiang is overseaing EOS WTZ with operation.

Jialin Li (+0)

Oversea Operation Director and founding member, obtained his master degree in Statistics at Columbia University. With years of experience in management and IT consulting, he helps Fortune 500 Financial Institutions improving operational efficiency by using Digital technologies. As EOS WTZ's oversea ambassador, Jialin oversees EOS WTZ's oversea social medias and community, communicates with Block.One and cooperates with other BP candidates, and also helps Block.One and oversea BP candidates communicating with Chinese community.

Xueyuan She

Systems Engineering Director and founding member, Bachelor of Science with high distinction from University of Virginia, Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology; 3 years of C/C++ development and 2 years of artificial neural network research experience, proficient in High Performance Computing (HPC) programming. Xueyuan is in charge of managing DApp incubation outside China, EOS WTZ's overseas community and the deployment of block production.

Hao Wang

Lead Engineer, has more than 10 years of software development experience, especially in public block chain and quantitative trading system, EOS source code contributor, technical partner in quantitative hedge fund. Hao is in charge of EOS block producer technical planning; and team member training.

Kevin Ren

Head of Block Producing, senior blockchain engineer, EOS source code contributor, participated in the development of multiple public blockchain projects, and 5+ years of software development experience. As a core member of EOS WTZ, Kevin is in charge of coordination and organization of block producing software and hardware architecture, and direct the execution of technical deployment.

Kui Zhang

10+ years of experience in IT industry, 3 years of IDC management and 7 years of web outsourcing experience, proficient in web, database and load balancing development. A partner of IT outsourcing company, Kui was in charge of APP development for many well-known companies. As a core member of EOS WTZ, Kui is in charge of the web and APP development and branding of EOS WTZ online community, as well as the building, operation and maintenance of block producing servers.

Team members

Mingyang Ma

Community Operation Director and founding member, obtained his bachelor degree in business administration in Jilin University and is experienced in product operation. Mingyang has 5 years experience in blockchain industry and now in charge of our online media and offline community operation.

Wenjie Zhang

With years of software development experience, Wenjie Zhang served at “Hongshu Chinese” website, highly experienced in ERP and CRM system development and the deployment of system architecture for big data applications. At EOS WTZ, Wenjie is in charge of the backend development of EOS WTZ web and block producing server.

Yang Liu

Yang has more than 5 years' experience in IOS application development and has leaded various of applications for financial institution. Yang is a very experienced project development engineer and believes the blockchain techlogoly will chage the furture industry.

Dong Chen

Participated in the backend development of many CRM management system, familiar with B2B model and users’ frontend requirement. Dong is currently working on development of blockchain related projects.

Wei Zhao

Wei is very experienced in Android application development and is very familiar with development language Java,C/C++,JS. Wei is an expert in developing Android MVC、 MVP、MVVM、RxJava、RxAndroid and has led various of applications of high performance. Wei has great interest and passion in block chain and new.

Meng Long

3 years of designer experience in addition to background in software development. Serial entrepreneur in IT industry with rich experience in blockchain project development. Integrated knowledge in frontend, research and development. Meng has taken part in development of multiple blockchain related products.

Weiyan Zhou

HR director and founding member, has many years of human resource management experience and is good at team recruiting. Weiyan is responsible for team recruiting and coordinating for EOS WTZ.

Jing Cao

Our cultural messenger, has a bachelor degree in Beihang University and used to be an English tutor in New Oriental School. Jing is a writer and is responsible for content in our media platform. Jing is also working on publishing a book for the company on blockchain topic.

Qiang Chen

The Director , 15 years of directing experience; used to serve on China’s national TV media; executed the general director and creator director of CCTV "Chinese literature and art in the war of resistance", "the past of overseas Chinese" and "sansha fengbei 1974",etc. Qiang is responsible for EOS WTZ's video production for marketing and educating propose.

Jianjun Kong

Jianjun is a serial entrepreneur and also worked for Suning.com. He is an expert of operation and producing contents both online and offline. Jianjun is overseeing EOS WTZ’s various content outputs.

Bin Chen

Bin served as regional head of a Fortune 500 company and has years of marketing and management experience. With his solid background as lecturer and presenter, he in charge of content outs and hold lectures and meetups.

Houpeng Zhang

Houpeng graduated from Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications and China Jiliang University with Bachelor and master degree in Electronic engineering. He is a professional novel writer and is overseeing EOS WTZ’s content products.

Peng Shi

Peng has a bachelor degree in finance and years of stock trading and cryptocurrency trading experience. He in overseeing EOS WTZ’s investment for dapp and EOS economic application's incubation, fund accounting and other financial aspects.

Beier Li

Beier graduated from Yunnan University and was head of Student Union art department. She has years of experience of managing and organizing celebrations and arts festivals. Beier is an operation manager of EOS WTZ and assist us in social media operations including wechat, Weibo, and BBS accounts.

Yunxiao Du

PR Manager. Yunxiao has a bachelor degree in English and take the responsibility of managing EOS WTZ’s public relationship and community operation. Yunxiao is also managing the investor relationship and communication for our EOS WTZ fund.

Xiaoxiao Jiang

Xiaoxiao received her dual bachelor degree in cartoon and international economics from Chongqing University. She in charge of digital editing and post-production of EOS WTZ’s video. Xiaoxiao is also managing the investor relationship and communication for our EOS WTZ fund.

Yajie Zhang

EOS WTZ’s community operation.Yajie has a bachelor degree in Accounting and take the responsibility as an Operation Manager for social media operations including wechat, Weibo, and BBS accounts.

Lin Cui

The Editor, 12 years of editing experience; participated in the editing of the TV series "Beijing my love", "the second anniversary documentary of wenchuan", CCTV6 micro film, digital film, Internet big, samsung, wanda and other hundreds of works.

Haowei Wang

The Cameraman, 12 years of camera experience, served as photographers & videographers for CCTV "South of the Sea" (National Five First Engineering Award), "Chinese Literature in the War of Resistance", "The Story of Capital", "The New Three Gorges", etc.

Wei Wang

The Special effect artist, 10-year special effect experience, participated in Special effects design and production of CCTV6 micro-movie, "06, 07, 08 China and South Korea Model Contest", CCTV public service advertisements and other hundreds of films and commercial films.

Yuan Ding

The Host, photo reporter, 6 years of hosting experience; hosted Samsung Electronics Live, Sohu live, Baidu Tech, network technology program "DingDing show you technology", etc.

Server specification

Server Configuration

We will run two nodes, all cloud-based servers, to maximize uptime and stability. We plan to work with the block producer community to develop an open source failover system that will automatically activate the standby system in the event of a main system failure.

Main server
Intel Xeon E5-2696 v4 @ 2.20GHz
CPU:22 vCPU core
NETWORK:1000 Mbps
standby server
Intel Xeon Platinum 8173M @ 2.00GHz
CPU:28 vCPU core
NETWORK:1000 Mbps
SSD: 2048GB

Hardware Expansion Plan (budget after June 3, 2018)

Since the development of blockchain technology, we have always been at the frontier of the industry, providing hundreds of thousands of followers with educational material of blockchain and related solutions. With the enthusiastic support of our followers, the team decided to participate in the election of block producers after much deliberation. In the near future, we will follow closely the development of EOS and the global trend, and cooperate with blockchain industry leaders to build a more robust and scalable server architecture with the optimal hardware specifications.

The Failover

Server will operate in active/standby cluster configuration. If a major node in the cluster fails, it will automatically switch to a standby node in real time to ensure stable and continuous service.

Live Upgrade of Cluster

We use red-black updates to pick and update nodes in the cluster. As a result of multiple points redundancy used in our system, the node can be adjusted to the main cluster without affecting the stability of the system.

The Elasticity

Our environment supports elastic scaling to ensure that the upgrades to the system used to deal with any potential demand surge, will not affect the operation of block producing.

Load Balancing

The cluster load balancer will distribute load before it is sent to processing nodes that are dynamically assigned with weights, to maximize overall performance of the system.

Testnet Information

To be well prepared for block producing, we are glad to contribute to the Scholar testnet by EOS Nation (our node name: eos.wtz). We have also built our own public testnet. For any BP candidates, or groups within the EOS community who would like to join our testnet, please contact us.

Test Network Participation Telegram Accounts: EOS WTZ

Testnet Node Address: http://testnet.eoswtz.com/v1/chain/get_info http://testnet.eoswtz.com


Development Timetable

Established EOS WTZ block producer candidate team

We are a group of determined and dedicated EOS believers. From November 11th, 2017, we have been constantly posting EOS-related contents through our media channels. Therefore, we have done a large amount of EOS community building groundwork even before the formation of the campaign team. We are a self-funded and financially independent block producer candidate. Sufficient funding for block producer operation has been prepared before the formation of the team.

From 2018.4.2

Bridging a gap of communication between China and abroad

Our team will interview most of the EOS block producer candidates in China and abroad to bridge the communication between domestic and foreign community. We’ll provide a sound channel for all community contributors to grow bigger and more influential together.

From 2018.4.10

Enhance original content production

EOS WTZ has various types of original contents, including Current Event Commentary, Technical Report, EOS WTZ News and a variety of video contents. By sharing updates of all progress EOS WTZ has made, EOS WTZ News aims to increase the transparency in the EOS WTZ operation and improve mutual understanding with community. Technical Report gives updates on our technical progress. Current Event Commentary covers news and topics around community and governance.

From 2018.4.15 - 2018.5.15

Establish EOS WTZ "108 Elites" decentralized community/tech leader team

From 2018.4.20

Join the Scholar Testnet launched by EOS Nation

Launch EOS WTZ testnet and provide financial and technical supports to Blockchain Research Lab at University of Virginia, which produces blocks on EOS WTZ’s testnet.


Start EOS constitution work group

Start EOS constitution work group to timely translate constitution and share with Chinese community. Collect feedbacks from Chinese community and submit official propose or critique on EOS go forum.

From 2018.4.30

Start DApp incubator operation

Form the DApp Incubator Operation Committee and start communicating with EOS DApp development team. With a 3 million USD fund, our incubator will leverage EOS WTZ’s advantages to provide financial, marketing, and technical supports and also provide seed users. EOS WTZ is also proactively seeking other opportunities to contribute to EOS ecosystem such as developing DApps and wallet. Once the main net is launched in June and we've been elected as a block producer, we would continue to devote the block producer inflation rewards to incubate projects in relation to EOS economic and industry.


Online 100,000 people live broadcast meeting

Multiple online live broadcast meetings with audience size of 100,000, covering in total 500,000 to 1,000,000 blockchain enthusiasts in China.


EOS WTZ cross-nation meetup

Include but not limited to the following cities, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Nanjing, etc.